Welcome to Project: Shadow! Hi, my name is Charlie. I am a podcaster, streamer, and I write space opera, epic fantasy, and contemporary fantasy. I also dabble in music. This is my home base where I will share my fiction, music, podcasts, and other notions.

Over the next couple months, the amount of content I publish here will be going up. My future fiction will be serialized here for free with behinds the scenes content available for those blessed Dignati who sign up for a paid membership to support the work.

Who are the Dignati?

Ok, so I like to mispronounce things because I think it is funny. One day on a live stream, I mispronounced dignity as Dignati, which rhymes with Illuminati. The viewers took up the name and ran with it, and I have called my views, readers, and listeners that ever since.

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