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As a podcaster, streamer, and author of space opera, epic fantasy, and contemporary fantasy, I am constantly producing new content. This is my home base where I will share all of my latest works, including fiction, music, podcasts, and other creative ideas.

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The Shadow Phoenix Saga begins with Raid, an epic fantasy adventure where a group of pirates are hired to retrieve a stolen ark and return it to its rightful owner. Along the way, strange forces align and dark secrets are revealed that threaten the whole world.

I know, that is pretty vague, right? Some people are opposed to spoilers, so I am trying my best not to include any here. Check it out. The story doesn’t go the way you think it will.

Blinded Angels is a contemporary fantasy that starts with The Noble Sacrifice. In the 1990s, three goth friends go into the Catoctin Forest in Maryland, and find themselves in the midst of a secret society where magic is real and vampiric dragons haunt the night. Follow Ellis and their friends as they wrestle with the strange reality of their world and have to decide whether or not they will return to their old lives.

Starting soon, Our Solemn Hour will take you into several new space opera adventures.

Thank you for considering joining me on this creative journey. I can't wait to share my latest works with you and offer my deepest thanks to those who support my vision.

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