P:SI # 56 - "RMT Toon Hunt"

Netflix for your TV | Square v RMT | Terminator Preview | Favreau to Direct Avengers? | Superman 2 won't Sing | Indy 4 Comic | Paul Stanley with Brightman |and Peter David's Politics, Today on the Project: Shadow Informant.

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Home Entertainment

  • Netflix and LG bringing streaming movies to TVs (via DVICE & Crave)
  • Final Fantasy XI Online: exterminating real money transactions (via MMORPG.qj.net)



  • Jon Favreau Wants to Direct 'The Avengers' Movie! (via Cinematical)
  • Singer Won't Do Next Superman? (via Sci Fi Wire)
  • Indiana Jones 4 Comic Book Information and Cover Art (via Superhero Flix)


  • PAUL STANLEY Records Duet With SARAH BRIGHTMAN (via Brave Worlds)


  • Who Peter David's Supporting for President (via Peter David)

Web Comics


  • Where the hell do I go for decent Sci-Fi?! (from Tom Bridge)


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