P:SI # 75 - "Digital Henson"

Knight Rider WTF? | Digital Today |The Raging Colbert | Super Friends | B5 Tech | Kiss Tour | FFVII Crisis Core | Greatest Console of All time | Wii-kly Update on the Project: Shadow Informant.


  • Wire Has Exclusive Knight Video (via Sci Fi Wire)
  • iTunes Captures 'Farscape' (via SyFy)
  • Superfriends Friends mashup (P:S HQ)


  • KISS Confirm World Tour (via BW&BK)
  • Free the Music - follow up Q&A (via Last.fm)


  • The greatest game console of all time? (via Crave)
  • Wii-kly Virtual Console Update (via Gay Gamer)
1080°® SNOWBOARDING (N64®, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone, 1,000 Wii Points)


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My name is Charlie, but if your looking for my work, I go by C. E. Dorsett.  I write scifi, fantasy, and a touch of horror.  I like to play with gothic, steampunk, decopunk, epic fantasy, and wuxia.  I love to tell stories and talk about books, movies, series, and music.