P:SI #46 - "Even Swashbuckling, Murderous Privateers Love a Good Show"

Writers' Strike | Metallica MP3s | Steam Festivals | B5 Ships | FF4 | LotRO | the Mountains of Madness | and Stardust, Today on the Project: Shadow Informant.

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Theme Song: Immigrant Song by Ann Wilson

Writers' Strike

  • Striking writers talk of launching web startups (via Boing Boing)
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  • METALLICA - Classic '85 Donington Performance Up For Free Mp3 Download (via Brave Worlds)
  • Dances of Vice - Two Day Festival of Retro and Steampunk (via Brass Goggles)



  • More Details on Final Fantasy IV's Sequel (via 1up)
  • LotRO Message from Exec. Producer (Via Allakhazam)

Web Comic


  • Stardust Review


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My name is Charlie, but if your looking for my work, I go by C. E. Dorsett.  I write scifi, fantasy, and a touch of horror.  I like to play with gothic, steampunk, decopunk, epic fantasy, and wuxia.  I love to tell stories and talk about books, movies, series, and music.