Dec 20, 2022 • 24M

The Obligatory Nonbinary Rant

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Charlie Dorsett (they/she)
My name is Charlie, and I am a Nonbinary Scifi/Fantasy writer and on this podcast we will be discussing LGBTQIA+ characters, Queer stories, and Human Rights with a focus on how these characters and stories are written and how to write them better.
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Welcome to my new podcast, The Nonbinary writer. This is a place for me to discuss LGBTQIA+ topics and to interview and talk to my fellow queer writers. I try to keep the conversations friendly and productive, but if you have something to say about the world or your own life, let me know. I want this to be a podcast for the community.

On the premiere episode, I am doing the Obligatory Nonbinary Rant, venting my frustration about the treatment of the community and sharing more information about me. I'll be honest, I wanted get a lot of this off my chest for a while, and needed a place to discuss this openly.

I don't name names, and I won't so don't ask me. If I use a name, know that it is a pseudonym that covers one or more people. It has been a rough year, and the last couple months it has gotten worse. Between the stresses of my personal life, professional life, and everything going on in the country, I thought I would vent these issues because I feel like a lot of this is relatable to others.

Hopefully, this is entertaining and cathartic, and in the end helpful in some way. I don't want the podcast to just be about anger. I want to talk about queerness in writing, in the books I read, the shows and movies I watch and how others are working to both represent our community and their experiences with in it.

Welcome to the Nonbinary Writer.

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