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Project: Shadow
Leadership is a hollow lie

Leadership is a hollow lie

The biggest lie that threatens our world is that left behind king and queens when we became democratic societies. We didn’t, we simply changed the way we named people part of the ruling class.

In a democracy, we believe that the power belongs to the people. When well organized, this is true. Unfortunately, we have constructed an idea that we should elect “leaders” and then follow them. Nothing could be less democratic.

A representative at best should be a Vox Populi, or voice of the people they represent. They are meant to follow their constituents not the other way around.

When we examine real movements like the ones that are happening right now such as the Black Lives Matter protests for George Floyd, we are watching the entitled ruling class bristling at the mere suggestion that they should listen to much less follow the will of the people or even work for the people.

We have to learn to see the through these ideas and start seeing people as coordinators, mediators, and organizers, and abandon the language of leaders and leadership. It does more harm than good.

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