Mar 11, 2020 • 23M

It’s alright to be boring, a social media, work, and life manifesto

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Charlie Dorsett (they/she)
Welcome to Project: Shadow, a captivating podcast hosted by C E Dorsett, a nonbinary science fiction and fantasy writer. In this unique audio experience, Charlie takes you on a journey through personal essays that delve into the realms of life, writing, and media, weaving together threads of thought and imagination. Drawing inspiration from Metamodern philosophy, Project: Shadow embraces the complexity and contradictions of the modern world while exploring the intersections of identity, creativity, and the power of storytelling. Charlie's insightful reflections invite listeners to question conventional narratives and explore the myriad possibilities that lie beyond the surface. Each episode of Project: Shadow is a thought-provoking exploration, where Charlie examines the profound impact of media on our lives, offering fresh perspectives and unpacking the deeper meanings within our favorite books, movies, and TV shows. From the farthest reaches of science fiction to the enchanted realms of fantasy, Charlie guides you through the landscapes of the imagination, illuminating the transformative power of storytelling along the way. By sharing personal experiences and reflections, Charlie creates a warm and inclusive space for listeners to reflect on their own life and creative pursuits. Whether you're a writer seeking inspiration, a media enthusiast eager to engage in meaningful discussions, or simply a curious soul yearning for a fresh perspective, Project: Shadow is the perfect podcast for you. So, join C E Dorsett on this thought-provoking journey. Embrace the interplay of light and dark, the blending of the real and the imagined, as you embark on Project: Shadow. It's time to discover the untold stories, unlock the hidden potentials within ourselves, and reimagine the world in all its infinite possibilities. Tune in and let the adventure begin.
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We spend too much time worrying about how other people perceive us and what they think about us. Real life is boring and dull the vast majority of the time and we expend way to much effort projecting our lives as interesting and fun. It sell a fantasy, and as a (please forgive the slur) content creator, there is an overwhelming pressure to seem better and more interesting than we really are. None of that is new or novel, and yes, the solution to this is to just be yourself and stop caring about what other people think. That solution doesn’t work for people who make their living growing a community and relying on others to participate in some transaction so they can make a living. The real solution to this is to realize that the pressure isn’t on the creator to perform like a circus animal. Yes, be yourself, but don’t try to sell yourself as something you are not. If you travel a lot, share your travels, but don’t feel the need to do that if it is counter to who you are. We all have thoughts and opinions, cares and concerns. Add to that your goals and ambition, then you will find the persona you want to share with the world and others. The enemy of creativity is conformity. Be boring. Do the things you need to do to chase your dreams, but never give in to the desire to conform to the expectations of others. If you want to support the work that I do, you can join the project on Patreon: YouTube Channel= Site: Twitter: Facebook: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: