Project: Shadow
Project: Shadow
Escaping our own Narratives

Escaping our own Narratives

Whether it is the experience of People of Color, Women, or the Queer community, too many people refuse to believe stories from lives so different from our own. Why?

We mistakenly believe that we see the world as it is, or understand how the world works. We don’t. We tell ourselves stories. Every new piece of information we get, every new story we encounter, we both compare to our existing narrative and weave it in, but that weaving is the problem.

Other people’s stories are shaped and altered by the stories we already tell our self in order to fit them in. We have predefined shapes for those stories to take and will find a way to justify changing those stories so they work with our own meta narrative. So we don’t see the truth right before our eyes.

Until we are honest about this process, we will continue to reject stories different from our own until something happens so horrible it makes us question our own stories. The solution is simple. Always question the way you see the world and be proud to grow and change as your understanding of the world develops and changes.

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Project: Shadow
Project: Shadow
Welcome to Project: Shadow, a captivating podcast hosted by C E Dorsett, a nonbinary science fiction and fantasy writer. In this unique audio experience, Charlie takes you on a journey through personal essays that delve into the realms of life, writing, and media, weaving together threads of thought and imagination.
Drawing inspiration from Metamodern philosophy, Project: Shadow embraces the complexity and contradictions of the modern world while exploring the intersections of identity, creativity, and the power of storytelling. Charlie's insightful reflections invite listeners to question conventional narratives and explore the myriad possibilities that lie beyond the surface.
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