Mar 4, 2020 • 22M

Dragon Quest Your Story and the meaning of games and fandom

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Charlie Dorsett (they/she)
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Dragon Quest: Your Story is a 3D animated retelling of the story of Dragon Quest V, but it is so much more than that. Without going into spoilers, which I will in the episode itself, this movie is a mediation on the place that content, particularly video games, have in our lives. I am not sure that the method they use to discuss this theme works, it does a good job not only capturing the feel of fandom, but also the current state of internet fandom itself. This movie is a bold experiment, not only in how to retell a video game story, but in how to have a meta conversation about the topic at hand. In many ways, I think the Lego Movie did a better job addressing some of the same themes and ideas, but it comes at the topic from a very different point of view.  In all, it was a good movie with an interesting message. I wish more people would take risks at this scale with stories that have this much resonance within the target market. With so many films feeling like remakes and formula fare, this film takes a wild swing that may or may not have worked for you, but I have to admire the bravery to try something this different when they could have phoned it in for a more guaranteed success. If you want to support the work that I do, you can join the project on Patreon: YouTube Channel= Site: Twitter: Facebook: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: