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Myth Weaving
Creating a Religion- World Building 201

Creating a Religion- World Building 201

Let's start our World Building 201 with a deep dive into Religions, how to create them and how to use them.

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Ben Marcus 3B Framework-

  • Belief- Doctrine, Theology, and Sacred Texts, the “values” of the religion

  • Behavior- Rituals and Habits of Daily Life

  • Belonging-  Being part of a community

4C Framework

  • Creed

  • Code

  • Cult

  • Community

For more on this check out: What Does it Mean to Be Religious?  ReligionForBreakfast

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Project: Shadow
Myth Weaving
World Building, writing, and storytelling are a craft we can develop and improve over time. Let's dig in to all the details discover a way to make more expansive worlds and enthralling stories together.