Twitter Updates for 2007-12-29

  • i need to do some character bios for a new series, who should I do first, let me see... #

  • Calling all Spanish Speakers: Is a Navaja a fighting knife or a Pocket Knife or both? #

  • a couple characters down, my attention turns to some plot points, btw I forgot how much I loved Mulan, it is great to work to. #

My name is C.E. Dorsett, and I am a scifi/fantasy writer. I have written the books Shine Like Thunder and The Chain, just to name a couple.  I am really a builder of worlds from the wuxia inspired, scifi setting Our Solemn Hour to the dark fantasy of Dragons of Night.  My writing is influenced by writers like H. P. Lovecraft, Charlaine Harris, Alice Hoffman, Armistead Maupin, Frank Herbert, E E Doc Smith and Robert E Howard. I love to tell stories and talk with my readers.