master_of_heka Evelyn @ Steampunk Fashion posted her self portrait from the HeroMachine at and I felt inspired to make one of my own. It was really fun imagining myself as a superhero and trying to design a character to match.

Recently, I have developed a soft spot in my heart for Kitsune, or Spirit Foxes, so I envisioned my superhero self as a half-demon with a companion fox to help me find my way in the world...

I wonder if it would be possible to create a character like this in City of Heroes... I need to look into that. Maybe this should be the hero of that web comic strip I have been thinking about doing.

Beware the legend of the Steampunk, half-demon, spirit fox, with the magic ring, master of heka, lord of the night, king of sneakiness...

Maybe that is a bit overdone. I suppose I need to think this through a little more.

(via Steampunk Fashion)

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