Captain America
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[Louis Leterrier describes The First Avenger: Captain America as] “a period piece”like Raiders of the Lost Ark but “with more gadgets…” He later clarified, “It’s Raiders meets Rocketeer and Saving Private Ryan.” Which makes sense since Captain director Joe Johnston was the art director on Raiders, and the director of The Rocketeer (/Film).

Wait, what?  Is Leterrier serious?  As soon as I saw this headline one thing stood out screaming, "STOP!"

  • Raiders of the Lost Arc, great movie!

  • Saving Private Ryan, great movie!

  • The Rocketeer?!?  Did anyone like it?

I loved the idea of The Rocketeer, but after I saw the movie... um... uh... let's just say rocket packs were removed from my imagination for a while.

Even with the jaw dropping bad movie added to the high concept description,  The other 2 make me want to see this flick.  Let us all cross our fingers and hope it is more Raiders than Rocketeer.

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