Mass Effect 2’s new voice talent, Vlad the Impaler not a vampire? and Clash of the Titans poster.

Mass Effect 2:

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Michael Dorn is added to the voice cast for Mass Effect 2.  I love Michael Dorn's voice.  Best known for his role as Worf in Star Trek, he has lent his voice talent to many projects.  I espically enjoy hearing Dorn’s voice on the Discovery specials and other science shows.  He will be a great addition to mass effect 2.   Mass Effect one is so good, I’m really looking forward to the second game.  (via TrekToday)

Vlad the Impaler:

Vlad the Impaler is better known as Dracula was thought to be another vampire move turns out to be about the historical figure instead.  I would be interested in seeing a movie based on the Historical Vlad. Those comparing it to the likeness of 300 concerns me, I definitely don't need another homophobic movie.  (via /film)

Clash of the Titans:

The movie poster is out.  How can a movie with a fairly cool and exciting trailer have such a bland movie poster? I would expect this quality for the box art on the DVD but a movie poster! Honestly? (via /film)

Prince of Persia: The Dagger and Behind-the-Scenes Featurette


A featurette is out for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time looking at the dagger and the sands of time that is held within the dagger.

prince-of-persia-sands-of-time-daggerI love the look of the dagger.  The production and effects team went through a lot of effort to keep the dagger's qualities close to those of the period yet giving it some unique twists to help it stand out as special.  These details help to maintain the illusion of reality and are some of the small yet major elements that can make the experience of watching a fantasy tale.

The dagger also has intricate engravings that run the full length of the blade.

It's the details like this that excites me about the film.

Watch the featurette below.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time hits theaters May 28th 2010.