517Q5Z64Q7L._SL210_ I am sad to say that Christian Death 1334 has played its last show.

I am happy that we could bring fulfillment to people that never had a chance to hear these sacred songs live. I know it would of been better with Rozz Williams singing but as we all know this is impossible. So it was the fans and I belting out the words of one of the most amazing men that walked this earth. ROZZ WILLIAMS (Eva O).

We will forever remember Rozz, and I want to thank Eva for all that she has done to keep his memory alive.

My name is Charlie, but if your looking for my work, I go by C. E. Dorsett.  I write scifi, fantasy, and a touch of horror.  I like to play with gothic, steampunk, decopunk, epic fantasy, and wuxia.  I love to tell stories and talk about books, movies, series, and music.