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Twitter Updates for 2008-01-12

Charlie DorsettComment

  • I am not able to get Postalicious working on the blog, does anyone have any suggestions #

  • I need to name a ship for FH3, but nothing feels right. I thought i had figured this out but i didn't write it down and now can't remember #

  • Oooo, I found it, thank the heavens, that was driving me batty #

  • over halfway done with the outline, i have to take a short break, hmm to a galaxy far away for a bit. #

  • How action packed is too action packed? this is my eternal struggle for the middle road. #

  • Might Makes Write: Otep Shamaya Preaches Political Change #

  • Trying to get my the fog to clear so I can see the characters clearly, too many tangent, follow the path, can always visit them again. #

  • Vauni Globe fireplace, I can see this as a part of my dream house. #

  • I really should be outlinng right now #

  • @Trula men are rarely imaginative enough to hold a single image in our heads, and we get fixated a little too easy, but oggling is bad. #

  • Have Kappas become cliche? I don't think so #

  • @Trula it is taught and enculturated into them through a media that tell men that they should only care about sex and being stupid. #

  • @Trula at least where i live, sexism is healthy and strong, it is the root of homophobia and most of our social ills. We need a path out #

  • Thanks @justinfeed for waking me up, and reminding me to let my voice be heard for the things I care about. Thank you so much http://ru ... #

  • Maryland Defines Domestic Partners #

  • Full Circle by dday, brilliant and thought provoking, thanks to Rachel Maddow #

  • FH3 Outline is finished!!! I must do a dance, and have some popcorn #

  • Ace Frehley tour, my sister saw him on New Years Eve, loved it, i really want to catch him on this tour #

  • Google Custom Search allows only 16 refinements total... not very custom is it... rethinking strategy #

  • Pre-Inca fortress ruins discovered #

  • I am at the Wine Rack/Java Stop writing before the show, tonight, come on down #

  • Celtic/Blues Rock #

  • The music of ELO just made me physically ill, I knew I didn't like them, but this is rediculous #

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