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Twitter Updates for 2008-01-11

Charlie DorsettComment

  • I have lost myself in deep though, i can only hope that mindless comedy with set me free. #

  • listening to old time radio on talkshoe #

  • the outlining begins #

  • We are about to go live wuth P:SI on the half hour at Talk Shoe, I have to giggle again at today's topics #

  • Today we are giving special attention to writer's concerns #

  • Images racing through my mind, must get outline finished. FH3: Wings of Destiny is exciting me alot. #

  • Ok, I have to get back to my outline, there are too many shiny things on the net right now. Story first, shiny things later #

My name is Charlie, but if your looking for my work, I go by C. E. Dorsett.  I write scifi, fantasy, and a touch of horror.  I like to play with gothic, steampunk, decopunk, epic fantasy, and wuxia.  I love to tell stories and talk about books, movies, series, and music.