We are here at the Wine Rack/Java Stop getting ready for the show. It promises to be interesting night. I met with the band, the Underground Blues Division, and I will be bringing you an interview with them a little bit later. As for now, we are all learning an important lesson: Don't forget who you are.

Half the staff are undependable people who are not emotionally invested in the shop, so they remembered who they are and called in sick tonight. Surprise, surprise. That was more predictable than a sunrise.

Now the Band and Management are doing what bands and management do, they each think the other is the only think of important. The venue as always thinks too highly of itself, and the band is already mutinous. This is the mix that will make fireworks, and I anticipate a good show.

I on the other hand have been sitting in my place watching and observing, and not attracting the ire of either side. I know who I am and my part to play in this little dance tonight.

Janus is looking down and laughing. Chaos reigns at the turning of the year.

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