Lawyers attack Nebraska gay-couple ban

C.E. Dorsett

A ray of light in the struggle for equal rights:

In oral arguments in one of the nation's most important gay rights lawsuits, the ACLU and Lambda Legal on Monday told a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit to strike Nebraska's wide-ranging anti-gay constitutional amendment.

Ratified by voters in November 2000, the amendment is the only measure in the country explicitly to single out gay couples for disfavored treatment (

In a fair world where the Constitution would be read and applied justly, this case would be a no brainer. I am a little concerned that under the most conservative judiciary in who knows how long might enshrine bigotry into the court's decision.

[sigh] Living in the “heartland”, I can tell you that this bigotry is a generational bias. In ten years it will be seen as quaint, and in twenty years people will wonder if people really believed those hateful things.

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