I know I am usually the last person to get into these things, but I signed up for Last.fm yesterday, and I have to say, I am impressed.

Last.fm is a social networking  site/service based on the music that you listen to.  All you have to do is sign up on the site, and download the plug-in for your music players, and away you go.  It keeps track of the songs you listen to, and recommends other artist that you might like based on the songs you listen to and the songs others listen to.  It also recommends people and groups you might like too.

I am always looking for new music, and I think this will help.  You can also recommend  music to your friends.  Very cool.

If you sign up, or are already a member, my user name is  projectshadow

What you think it will be I would be original?  ;) Hope to see you their!  Last.fm

My name is C.E. Dorsett, and I am a scifi/fantasy writer. I have written the books Shine Like Thunder and The Chain, just to name a couple.  I am really a builder of worlds from the wuxia inspired, scifi setting Our Solemn Hour to the dark fantasy of Dragons of Night.  My writing is influenced by writers like H. P. Lovecraft, Charlaine Harris, Alice Hoffman, Armistead Maupin, Frank Herbert, E E Doc Smith and Robert E Howard. I love to tell stories and talk with my readers.